Tuesday, December 8, 2009

BFA Show

Well lets see here the event I have been planning, Jim was sacrificing his free time for, has finally come and gone. The show is still up, but will come down sometime this week for its the end of the semester. 

The night of the show I was so nerves i had forgotten to say my thank you. 

Jim was my greatest support and still is, he pushed me so much to a point where i made him do my work for me ooppss.
                                    He made all 72 frames and painted the entire gallery room to a nice neutral white. 




Also my good friend Jocelyn come down from Oakland, it was grate seeing her again! I really miss her. 

                                           Thank you for being there for me Jocelyn!


Also i would like to send a very special thank you to J Damron. He made the time from his busy schedule to meet with me. He really helped me challenge my work and really see what is going on in them.              
                                                               THANK YOU J!

 I would like to thank my gallery committee Russell, Chris, Stacey, and kat. 




Thank you all, I had a good night. 


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  1. Thank you - you did a great job and I always love looking at your photos