Monday, December 28, 2009

sing your heart out.

when I have to get away from all the dumb shit that I have to deal with that is utterly tearing me apart, I would run away to the one place that I love to go and hid out, this place is with my good friends the wisconsin boys (yes I said good friends ) even tho I  don't talk to them as much as I would like to, they are still there from me (I think). we can talk for hours about horse shit. I know I have other friends and family that I can turn to but I truly think they know where I am coming from. I really love having their company.

I recently visited the Wisconsin boys, (unfortunately  one of them had to make a trip back home for there was a death in the family. my prayers go out to him. ) so I got to hang out with Vin. Hanging out with Vin had taught me not to give up on what you truly love and no matter where you end up never forget who have meet along the way.

I have great respect for my boys, even tho times are really hard and life throws a curve ball, these guys keep there heads held up high and continue to do what the love best.

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